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AMEB Award Launches in NSW & ACT

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The AMEB Award program launches in NSW, and the ACT

We're thrilled to share the exciting news that the AMEB Award program has officially launched in NSW and ACT in 2024! The AMEB Award program is designed to celebrate and recognise the outstanding contributions of individuals of all ages and stages within the performing arts community. This initiative aims to shine a spotlight on the remarkable work of creatives while acknowledging their efforts in leadership, community engagement, collaboration, entrepreneurship, creativity, assistance, and support.

As music educators, you play a crucial role in nurturing and developing the talents of your students, and we believe the AMEB Award program provides a unique opportunity to showcase and honour the incredible impact you and your students make in your communities. Whether through innovative teaching methods, community involvement, or fostering creativity in your students, this program is a chance to highlight the diverse ways you all contribute to the enrichment of the performing arts.

Explore the possibilities of the AMEB Award program, which recognises individual achievements and encourages more people to create a network of support and inspiration in the broader community.

We look forward to witnessing the transformative power of the AMEB Award program in NSW and ACT, and we invite you to be a part of this exciting journey. Together, let's continue to elevate the standards of excellence in the performing arts and celebrate the dedication and passion of music educators and their students across the region.

Explore our AMEB Award homepage to find out more.

The AMEB Award program continues to acknowledge, support and inspire the performing arts.
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