About our syllabuses

Each AMEB subject has a corresponding syllabus that outlines the requirements for an examination. AMEB syllabuses set educationally appropriate goals across a wide range of practical and written subjects, from beginner level through grades 1-8 and onto tertiary entrance standard. AMEB syllabuses are designed by leading scholars and performers and are regularly updated. They take into account feedback from teachers, parents, students and any other interested stakeholders.

Syllabuses under review

AMEB syllabuses are regularly reviewed by specialists with a national profile in their instrument to reflect current pedagogical best practice. Check the Latest News for information on how to participate in our current and upcoming syllabus reviews. 

Syllabuses currently under review:

  • Viola syllabus
  • Teaching syllabuses 

Recently updated syllabuses


  • A new Piano Syllabus was released accompanied by a new series of grade books, recordings, and handbooks (Series 18) and a new Sight-reading book and new Technical work books.
  • The Accordion syllabus was revised.
  • New songs from recent musicals were added to the existing AMEB Musical Theatre syllabus.


  • Piano for Leisure (Series 4) grade books and recording & handbooks were released to accompany the existing syllabus.
  • A new Oboe Syllabus (featuring a series of grade books for the first time (Oboe Series 1), as well as a new Technical work book and a Sight-reading book (also a first for the Oboe Syllabus).
  • The revised Tuba syllabus was released.
  • Some changes were made to the Theory of Music syllabus.


  • The Trumpet, Trombone and Euphonium syllabuses were revised.
  • Trial Recital Exams for Trumpet, Flute and Violin started this year. 
  • AMEB also began to deliver Rockschool's Popular Music Theory.


  • Our new Musical Theatre syllabus and accompanying publications were released. 
  • We partnered with RSL Awards UK to deliver Rockschool contemporary music exams in Australia.
  • A revised version of the Musicianship syllabus was also published in the 2016 Manual for the first time.


  • Piano Grade Books (Series 17) to accompany the existing Piano syllabus.
  • A revised version of the Theory of Music syllabus was published in the 2015 Manual for the first time.


  • Percussion and Double Bass syllabuses were released.


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