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Series 17 Piano

Piano Series 17

AMEB is proud to announce the launch of Series 17 – a full suite of grade books and recording & handbooks (Preliminary to Grade 8) available as an additional resource for users of the current Piano syllabus. Series 17 includes exciting and challenging repertoire in a range of styles, representing a wealth of new options for candidates and their teachers.






The Project

Beginning in 2013, Emeritus Professor David Lockett began compiling a collection of repertoire that would lead a new generation of students into the joys of musical engagement. He started with 1000s of pieces, then whittled it down to a shortlist of 350 pieces, eventually selecting 128 pieces to be featured across 9 volumes including 25 works by 17 Australian composers.




  • Grade Books feature repertoire options in a wide variety of styles, from German Baroque to Australian contemporary.
  • 25 works by 17 Australian composers.
  • Recordings & Handbooks feature professional recordings by two of Australia's top concert artists: Caroline Almonte and Peter de Jager - with background information and analyses of each work in the corresponding Grade Book.
  • The new releases support the current Piano syllabustechnical work, manual lists and syllabus requirements remain the same!


Series 17 Publications


Syllabus details

The works featured in Piano Series 17 were added to the Piano syllabus in the 2015 Manual of syllabuses and 2015 downloadable digital syllabuses. Beyond this, there was no alteration to the Manual Lists in the current syllabus and no grade book series were withdrawn as a result of Series 17 being added. (Series 16 and Series 15 remain on the new syllabus.) There was no alteration to the technical work in the current syllabus, which is set out in the Piano Technical Work book (2008).  


Buying Series 17

Series 17 publications and packs are from:


The 2017 Piano Syllabus is published in the Manual of Syllabuses and is also available as a digital download here.