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Screen Sharing Copyright Clearance Licence for Teachers

29 April 2020

The Screen Sharing Copyright Clearance Licence is a free licence that will allow teachers to legally screen share AMEB publications via their chosen online lesson platform.


This new licence aims to make remote learning a little bit easier, while protecting the rights and intellectual property of publishers and composers represented in our publications.


“We know that teachers are working hard to deliver lessons online during this time. One thing that we have become aware of is that it can be hard to show a student something in the music – something that you would normally just point to on the piano or music stand is now more complicated. To help teachers in this situation, we have negotiated a special licence that allows them to screen share pieces from AMEB publications during online lessons.”


Bernard Depasquale, CEO AMEB Ltd. 


The Screen Sharing Copyright Clearance Licence:

  • is free for all teachers in Australia via 
  • does not replace the need to buy an AMEB publication. Both teacher and student must own an original copy of the book.
  • is valid for 6 months from 14 April to 14 October 2020.
  • T&C’s can be viewed on our website. 


Should you have any questions about this licence or the application process, please contact the AMEB Federal Office on 1300 725 709 or