Clarinet Series 2 Grade 1 & 2 CD & Notes Recording (CD)

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This CD & Notes contains a recording of clarinet repertoire, as well as a booklet of performance notes, muscial analyses and key terms to prepare for the General Knowledge section of an AMEB Clarinet exam.

SKU: 1203053239

ISBN/ISMN: 9315683053221

Series: Series 2

Publisher: AMEB

The Ghost of Tom (Anon)
Ding Dong (Anon)
Tyrolienne (Lazarus)
Fun Piece (Schneider)
Divertimento (Mozart)
Swedish Rhapsody (Alfvén)
Hatikvah (Tradtional)
Star Quality (Harvey)
Texas Lullaby (Basden)
Study (Walton)
The Lost Clarinet (Traditional)
Varsovianna (Lazarus)
Gigue (Telemann)
When Daisies Pied (Arne)
Cowboy Blues (de Vries)
The Pink Panther (Mancini)
Stranger on the Shore (Bilk)
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