Violin Series 10 Preliminary

Grade Book
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A collection of AMEB Preliminary repertoire for the aspiring classical violinist. Carefully selected by top Australian violin performers and pedagogues, the grade books feature a diversity of musical styles and often include works by celebrated Australian composers. Repertoire is carefully coordinated to align with the technical requirements at this grade level. Includes piano accompaniment.

SKU: 1202728839

ISBN/ISMN: 979-0-720248-27-1

Series: Series 10

Publisher: AMEB

Flash of light’ning (Attwood, Lumsden)
That's how it goes (Blackwell, Blackwell)
Running for the bus, with a violin! (Cohen)
Square dance 1 (Fletcher)
Desert rain (Greenhill)
The enchanted forest (Oosetenbroek)
Edelweiss (Rodgers arr. Hodgson)
Vanha muisto (Rossa)
Starry night (Teychenné)
Bohemia – Polka (Dawe)
Playing on the ol' banjo (Traditional arr. Blackwell, Blackwell)
Ten thousand miles away (Traditional arr. Howell)
Elenke (Traditional arr. Waterfield)
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