Teaching companion text (Digital) - Teaching music performance: A guide for evidence-based pedagogy

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Edited by music education specialist, Dr Jennifer Blackwell, this excellent resource comprises a series of articles by leading academics and practitioners who together represent the cutting-edge of studio music pedagogy. Written by international authorities, each article explores a core topic of music performance teaching.

With evidence-based approaches to music education, a focus on teaching in a studio setting, and recommendations for extended reading, this essential reference supports your Certificate Teacher of Music Australia (CTMusA), Associate Teacher of Music Australia (ATMusA), and your general professional development.


  • Introduction to theories of learning, Jennifer Blackwell and David DeAngelis
  • Effective music teaching, Jennifer Blackwell
  • Musical development, Miguel Garcia and Melanie E. Stapleton
  • Comprehensive musicianship in the lesson studio, Aaron D. Himes
  • Assessing performance, Victoria Lynn Smith
  • Providing effective feedback, Nicholas Matherne
  • Teaching students to practise, Jennifer Blackwell
  • Developing student motivation for practice and performance, Nicholas Matherne
  • Teaching rhythm, note-learning, and aural skills, David DeAngelis
  • Sequencing music learning: planning for effective lessons, Jennifer Blackwell
  • Supporting students with music performance anxiety, Margaret Osborne
  • Using technology to support online instrumental and vocal teaching, Bradley Merrick
  • Preparing for the performance examination, Bradley Merrick
  • Reflecting on teaching, Nicholas Matherne

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ISBN/ISMN: 978-1-925407-72-3

Publisher: AMEB

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