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Speech & Drama

AMEB offers graded practical and written examinations in Speech & Drama. AMEB is the most widely used assessment system for Speech and Drama in Australia. Highly trained examiners, specialists in their field, assess students from Preliminary to Diploma levels in Speech and Performance Theory, Drama and Performance, Drama and Communication and Voice and Communication.



Speech examinations are held throughout the year in many locations across Australia. Each candidate who completes an AMEB Speech exam receives a personal written report from their examiner, and successful candidates will also receive an official certificate recognising their achievement. For more information on enrolment, exam dates and locations, contact your local AMEB State Office.


Speech & Drama Syllabuses

Details for all Speech & Drama Syllabuses can be found in the Speech & Drama Manual, along with Syllabus News, Regulations, a list of Successful Candidates and information on relevant Scholarships & Exhibitions.The Speech & Drama Manual is available from the AMEB Online Shop.

2019 Speech & Drama Syllabuses


Drama and Communication

Drama and Communication exams focus on the area of performing arts and are offered from an Introductory grade up through Sixth grade. The exams are especially designed for ensemble work and should appeal to both classroom Drama teachers and Speech and Drama teachers working in a private studio. For more information, see the Drama and Communication syllabus in the Speech Manual of Syllabuses.


Drama and Performance

Drama and Performance exams are designed to develop interpretative and performance skills across a broad spectrum of styles, genres and eras and are offered from Preliminary to Licentiate diploma (LDPA). Candidates will achieve secure vocal technique, integrated physical response and imaginative and insightful presentation of texts. They will develop the skills required for interpreting to audiences in a variety of performance spaces. For more information, see the Drama and Performance syllabus in the Speech Manual of Syllabuses. To access the Dissertation Procedures for LDPA examinations, please refer to this document.


Speech and Performance Theory

Speech and Performance Theory exams are an opportunity for candidates to show their understanding of the functional framework of speech and performance and are offered from First grade to Seventh grade. The exams are designed to have relevance for a wide range of candidates, focusing on progressive consolidation of knowledge relating to dramatic performance, oral interpretation and spoken interaction in a variety of communication situations. For more information, see the Speech and Performance Theory syllabus in the Speech Manual of Syllabuses.


Speech and Performance Theory exams for Grade 7 are now available online. This short video explains how to access this exam via our Online Learning & Exams system. 


Voice and Communication

Voice and Communication exams are designed to develop voice and communication skills both for everyday life and the professional sector and are offered from Preliminary to Associate (APCA). The exams are designed to develop confidence in communication: the skills to read effectively, speak with clarity, and make presentations to a variety of audiences. For more information, see the Voice and Communication syllabus in the Speech Manual of SyllabusesTo access the Folio Procedures for APCA examinations, please refer to this document


Fellowship in Speech and Drama, Australia (FSDA)

The Fellowship in Speech and Drama Australia (FSDA)
has been withdrawn and will not be available in 2020.


Past papers

Past papers from previous Speech and Performance Theory, Associate Drama and Performance (ADPA) and Licentiate Drama and Performance (LDPA) exams for both teachers and performers are available as digital downloads here



Examinations are conducted by highly trained examiners who are specialists in their field.  Each candidate who completes an AMEB exam receives a personal written report from their examiner. 


Appeals procedure

From time to time, teachers, parents and/or candidates may wish to raise concerns with AMEB relating to its examinations procedure. For all examinations except FSDA, ADPA, LDPA, APCA, please contact your local State Office. For FSDA, ADPA, LDPA and APCA exams, please follow these procedures.