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Level 1 (Preliminary - 4th grade), Level 2 (5th - 8th grade), Certificate of Performance and Level 3 (Associate - Licentiate diplomas).



Printed in the full Manual of Syllabuses and available as a digital download

Also available as a single syllabus digital download: 2021 Singing Syllabus


Grade books

Singing Series 2 (High and Medium/Low) grade books accompany the current syllabus from Preliminary to Fourth Grade.



Technical Work

Technical work is examined in this syllabus through the presentation of accompanied vocalises. All vocalises and other information relating to the preesentation of technical work at examination can be found in the relevant Singing Series 2 grade book (for Preliminary to Fourth grades) or in Singing Technical Work Level 2 (for Fifth to Eighth grades).


Sight Reading

Candidates should consult Singing Sight-reading, which contains exercises in sight reading suitable to prepare candidates for this section of the examination.


Syllabus Corrections

  • While sight reading parameters are available for Preliminary grade, sight reading is not examined in Preliminary grade exams.
  • Grades 3, 4 and 5 the suggested edition 30 Italian songs and arias - Peters should not be used. 26 Italian songs and arias - Alfred should be listed.
  • The required time for Section I. Songs of Certificate of Performance exams should be 20 to 25 minutes, rather than 25 to 35 as printed on page 464


Publication corrections

  • Singing Series 2, First grade, High and Medium/Low, pg. 17, bar 16-17. See correction
  • Singing Series 2, Preliminary, High and Medium/Low, pg. 11/13, bar 13. See correction
  • Singing Series 2, First grade, High, pg. 9, bar 1, accompaniment. Treble piano notes should be C-G-E-C-G.
  • Singing Series 2, First grade, Medium/Low, pg. 9, bar 1, accompaniment. Treble piano notes should be A-E-Csharp-A-E
  • Singing Series 2, Fourth grade, High, pg. 36, bar 8, text should be 'meditate' rather than 'mediate'
  • Singing Technical Work Book Level 2, pg. 8, 10 and 12, metronome should be dotted crotchet = 60-69