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The AMEB Manual of Syllabuses 2021

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Violin Series 10

Coming soon Violin Series 10 grade books, Technical work book, Sight-reading book, Recorded Accompaniments (Preliminary to Grade 3), Handbooks (Downloadable and hardcopy editions), Recordings of all pieces in the new Grade books. Arriving November 2021.

Rockschool Piano and Ukulele Method

Start on the right note with Rockschool! The Rockschool Method books have been designed for beginners as a fun and interactive introduction to Ukulele, Piano, Drums and Guitar.

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Understanding Music Theory

Our new Theory of Music integrated course and workbook series represents the only official Theory of Music publications aimed at preparing students specifically for AMEB Theory of Music examinations. Written and published by AMEB’s music theory team, the publications include brand new content covering all aspects of the syllabus. Available for AMEB Theory of Music Grade 1, 2 and 3.

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