Australian Music Examinations Board
Australian Music Examinations Board


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Level 1 (1st - 4th grade), Level 2 (5th - 8th grade), Certificate of Performance and Level 3 (Associate - Licentiate diplomas).



In Levels 1 and 2, the examination may be taken on any one of the following instruments:

  • Soprano saxophone
  • Alto saxophone
  • Tenor saxophone
  • Baritone saxophone

In Level 3, any combination of instruments may be used but this is entirely optional.



The syllabus is published in the Manual of Syllabuses and is available as a digital download

Also available as a single syllabus digital download: 2021 Saxophone Syllabus.


Grade books

Saxophone Series 2 (Alto and Tenor) and Saxophone Series 1 (Alto and Tenor) grade books accompany the current syllabus from First to Fourth grade. 



Technical work

Candidates should consult Saxophone Technical Work (2008), which contains all of the technical work and exercises for all grades.



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