Piano Series 16 Grade 6 Recording & Handbook

Recording & Handbook
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This Recording & Handbook contains all you need to know for the General Knowledge section of your next comprehensive exam including detailed analyses and information about historial, biographical and interpretative elements of each piece in the corresponding grade book.

SKU: 1203087239

ISBN/ISMN: 9781921900099

Series: Series 16

Publisher: AMEB

All-ungherese (Ligeti)
Etude (Czerny)
Prelude (Gibbons)
Sonata (Scarlatti)
Six variations on a Swiss song (Beethoven)
Allegro (Mozart)
Finale (Haydn)
Allegro di molto (Bach)
Prelyudiya (Skryabin)
La chanson de la folle au bord de la mer (Alkan)
Buntes Blatt (Schumann)
Prelude (Chopin)
Grasshopper's wedding (Bartók)
Valse noble et sentimentale (Ravel)
Night (Sculthorpe)
Fantastic dance (Shostakovich)
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