P Plate Piano Book 3

Method book
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A bright, colourful piano book for beginner pianists.

SKU: 1201092139

ISBN/ISMN: 9790720110493

Publisher: AMEB

Tango for starers (Macardle)
Sometimes when I'm practising, I wish I weren't (Mishell)
It's about time! (Olson)
Piranhas (Milne)
Too tired for anything (Daxböck, Hass, Schneider, Trzeja and Weinhandl)
Prelude and waltz in C (Kurtág)
Listen, please! (Emonts)
I, spy (Milne)
Hello, Mister Mini (Schmitz)
Shortenin' bread (Traditional arr. Milne)
On a swing (Rybicki)
Tip-toe mouse (Kutnowski)
Andante (Müller)
Miaou, miaou (Mani arr. Sebba and Milne)
Wagon wheel (Milne)
Dialogue (Emonts)
The governess takes a walk (Boyle)
Yerevan mourns (Davidsson)
Galway piper (Traditional arr. Milne)
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