P Plate Piano Book 2

Method book
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A bright, colourful piano book for beginner pianists.

SKU: 1201092039

ISBN/ISMN: 9790720110486

Publisher: AMEB

Here comes the caravan (Mohrs)
Those creepy crawly things on the cellar floor (Klose)
Who's there? (Milne)
Auntie Flossie (Sebba)
Didgeridoo (Sitsky)
Finger feet (Seeba)
Presto (Turk arr. Milne)
Hickory dickory (Milne)
Girls' flower dance (Carroll)
The bass tuba (Daxböck, Haas, Schneider, Trzeja and Weinhandl)
Start-stop (Davidsson)
The cuckoo (Carroll)
Tittle-tattle (Rybicki)
Ghostly voices (Daxböck, Haas, Schneider, Trzeja and Weinhandl)
Baby blues (Masson)
Dixieland jam (Boyd)
Jazzy jumbo (Caskie)
Tango (Emonts)
Lydia's sandwich (Wooding)
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