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Violin Syllabus Review - Call for repertoire submissions from composers

9 August 2019

Calling all composers for Violin


AMEB is about to review the Violin syllabus and will be reviewing repertoire through the remainder of 2019.

AMEB is committed to increased the amount of quality Australian compositions in our publications and syllabuses. If you are a composer with a work that you would like to be considered for the grade books or Manual Lists please send us a copy of your work.


Please note the following:

- If you have submitted a work to us in the last two years it will be in our library and the violin consultants will review it.

- If your work is already in the Australian Music Centre (AMC) library our consultants will review it as part of their research.

- Compositions for Manual Lists can only be considered if the work is publicly available (ie in print form, in a reputable library like the AMC or on a reliable online shop that will continue to have the work available through the life of the syllabus).

- Works to be included in grade books do not need to be publicly available and their use will be negotiated with the copyright owner (ie either the composer or their publisher).


Please send a copy of the music along with your contact details and any relevant copyright information to:

AMEB Federal Office

Level 8, 21 Victoria Street

Melbourne VIC 3000

Telephone 1300 725 709


Materials received for a syllabus not currently under review will be stored in our music library until such time as the relevant syllabus is being reviewed. Handwritten scores are accepted.