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Coming soon: New violin syllabus and publications

22 July 2021

In November 2021, AMEB will release a new Violin syllabus, available for examination from 2022 and supported by a suite of publications and resources. This is the first complete revision of the syllabus since 2011, and it has been conducted with the aims of:

  • reflecting current international best practice in violin pedagogy,
  • offering a new selection of graded repertoire in the forthcoming Series 10 grade books
  • updating the Manual Lists to incorporate new publications and works of the last decade, as well as removing any publications that have gone out of print
  • streamlining and improving the technical work in consultation with teachers across the country


Syllabus review team


The new syllabus and publications have been developed by the AMEB publishing team in consultation with an expert panel of instrumental specialists, including Philippa Paige (Principal Consultant), Julie Hewison (Level 1), Caron Chan (Level 2) and Fintan Murphy (Level 3).




The violin syllabus will be published in hardcopy format in the 2022 AMEB Manual of Syllabuses. It will also be available digitally. To support the new syllabus, we will be releasing a suite of publications and resources for violin including:


  • Violin Series 10 grade books (Preliminary to Grade 7)
  • Technical work book
  • Sight-reading book
  • Recorded Accompaniments (Preliminary to Grade 3)
  • Handbooks (Downloadable and hardcopy editions)
  • Recordings of all pieces in the new Grade books


The new syllabus and publications will be available via or your local music retailer in November 2021.