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Music Craft


Level 1 (Preliminary- 4th grade) and Level 2 (5th - 6th grade). All exams have an aural and written component.



Printed in the Manual of Syllabuses and available as a digital download.

 Also available as a single syllabus digital download: 2021 Music Craft syllabus or in a bundle that includes all 3 AMEB theory syllabuses: 2021 Theory syllabuses (ALL).


Student Workbooks

Music Craft Student Workbooks accompany Level 1 grades and Essential Exercises Grade 5 and Essential Exercises Grade 6 accompany Level 2 grades.

Music Craft workbooks follow the lessons from the Teacher's Guides and contain aural and written questions suitable to prepare students for a Music Craft exam. 



Teacher's Guides

Music Craft Teacher's Guides accompany the Music Craft Student Workbooks for Level 1 grades.

The teacher's guides divide the course into a series of lessons which cover material from across the syllabus with relevant aural and written exercises and answers.



Online Exams

Many Music Craft exams are offered online at


Past Exam Papers

Past Music Craft aural and written papers are available as digital downloads and digital recordings.


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