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Level 1 (Preliminary- 4th), Level 2 (5th - Certificate of Performance) and Level 3 (Associate - Licentiate diplomas).



Syllabus printed in the Manual of Syllabuses and available as a digital download.

 Also available as a single syllabus digital download: 2021 Flute Syllabus


Grade Books

Flute Series 3 and Flute Series 2 grade books accompany the current syllabus from Preliminary to Sixth Grade and First grade to Fourth grade respectively. Flute Series 1 grade books cannot be used with the current syllabus except as extra list pieces. Learn more.



Technical Work

Candidates should consult Flute Technical Work, which contains all of the technical work and exercises for all grades. 


Sight Reading

Candidates should consult Flute Sight Reading, which contains exercises in sight reading suitable to prepare candidates for this section of the examination.


Recording & Handbooks

Flute Series 2 recordings and notes of grade book repertoire can be used to prepare candidates for the general knowledge section of the examination.  These recordings are made available as digital downloads online and can be sourced from major digital music outlets like iTunes & Google Play.  Learn more.

Recorded Accompaniments

AMEB now offers Recorded Accompaniments for use in study and examinations in early grades. Where AMEB Recorded Accompaniments are available, candidates may perform with those recordings in examinations. These piano accompaniments have been recorded as practice tools and for use in early grade AMEB examinations. They feature performances of the accompaniment part for pieces in the corresponding AMEB grade books and can be used in conjunction with the MyTempo app as a practice resource. AMEB encourages candidates and teachers to rehearse and perform with live accompanists wherever this is possible. Learn more

Recorded accompaniments are available in hardcopy CDs from AMEB's Online Shop and AMEB Preferred Retailers OR as individual or album downloads (see below) from major digital music outlets like iTunes & Google Play.


Hardcopy CDs

Flute Series 3 Preliminary

Flute Series 3 First Grade

Flute Series 3 Second Grade

Flute Series 3 Third Grade

Digital downloads

Flute Series 3 Preliminary

Flute Series 3 First Grade

Flute Series 3 Second Grade

Flute Series 3 Third Grade


Digital Recordings

Recorded performances by professional Australian musicians of Flute exam repertoire are now available from digital music outlets such as iTunes and Google Play. Digital recordings can be purchased as full albums or as individual tracks.


Flute digital recordings are available for:


Series 2  1  2  3  4




Syllabus Corrections

  • Certificate of Performance, List B, Leclair Sonata in G major should be Op. 4 not Op. 1