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CPM Bass

PLEASE NOTE: From 2021, CPM exams will no longer be offered. 2020 is the final year that candidates may sit an exam in any CPM syllabus.


Advancing Steps 1-4



Current CPM Bass Syllabus

2019 CPM Bass



Bass Advancing Step 1, Bass Advancing Step 2, Bass Advancing Step 3 and Bass Advancing Step 4 contain all necessary requirements, backing tracks and repertoire for CPM examinations.



About CPM

Contemporary Popular Music (CPM) courses are presented by the AMEB to provide goals and standards for the developing contemporary popular musician. They consist of carefully graded printed material, backing recordings and an assessment program that can lead candidates from beginning to tertiary entrance levels.


The CPM courses were written by highly regarded musicians in this field. Course writing was guided by extensive consultation with specialist musicians and teachers across Australia. This process has ensured the provision of a relevant, high quality Australian product. The consultation process will continue throughout the life of the course and we value the input of teachers and candidates.