Clarinet Series 3 Grade 3 & 4 Recording & Handbook

Recording & Handbook
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This Recording & Handbook contains all you need to know for the General Knowledge section of your next comprehensive exam including detailed analyses and information about historical, biographical and interpretative elements of each piece in the corresponding grade book.

SKU: 1203090039

ISBN/ISMN: 9781863676274

Series: Series 3

Publisher: AMEB

La lutine (Kirnberger arr. Thurston and Fiske
Study in E minor (Walton)
Study in G minor (Walton)
Study (Thurston and Frank)
Allegro (Lefévre)
Menuet (Pleyel arr. Lancelot and Classens)
Fossils (Saint-Saëns arr. Lethbridge)
Romance (Baermann arr. Wastall)
Fig leaf rag (Joplin arr. Cowles)
Theme (Rimsky-Korsakov arr. Stuart)
Strange goings on (Millard)
Waltz (Jacob)
Jazz etude (Peterson arr. Harrison)
Study (Gariboldi arr. Harrison)
Jig (Arne arr. Thurston and Fiske)
Andante (Mendelssohn arr. King)
Allegretto (Küffner arr. King)
Ländler (Weber arr. Lancelot and Classens)
Menuets I and II (Rameau arr. Ettlinger)
Dance Prelude (Lutosławski)
Foofaraw (Millard)
Scherzo (Percival)
Allegretto (Dunhill)
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