Cello Series 2 Grade 6

Grade Book
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A collection of graded repertoire for the aspiring classical cellist.

SKU: 1203091639

ISBN/ISMN: 9781863676434

Series: Series 2

Publisher: AMEB

Etude caprice (Goltermann arr. Cheney)
Study (Lee)
March of the wooden soldiers (Tchaikovsky arr. Mooney)
The drummers (Mooney)
Theme and variations I-VI (_ev_ik arr. Feuillard)
Siciliéne and La tromba (Couperin arr. Weretka)
Allegro (Mozart arr. Weretka)
Allegro (I), Adagio and Allegro (II) (Vivaldi arr. Weretka)
Largo and Allegro (Zocarini arr. Kolneder)
Hamabdil (Bantock)
Tarantella (Rossini arr. Hodgson)
Allegretto grazioso (Cassadó i Moreu)
Priére (Squire)
Joc cu bâta, Brâul and Buciumeana (Bartók arr. Chin)
Dragonfly dreams (Charlton)
Oblivion (Piazzolla arr. Lenehan)
Fantasia on Greensleeves (Vaughan Williams arr. Forbes)
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