Cello Series 2 Grade 2 Recorded Accompaniments (CD)

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A collection of cello accompaniments for practice and use in AMEB examinations.

SKU: 1203092139

ISBN/ISMN: 797776189199

Series: Series 2

Publisher: AMEB

Sprint finish (Blackwell and Blackwell)
Snap, crackle and pop (Fin)
Study (Lee)
The spinning top (Legg)
Russian wedding (Blackwell and Blackwell)
Waltz steps (Carse arr. Max)
Bourrée and Menuetto (Hasse arr. Such)
Forward, march! (Schlemüller arr. Cheney)
Livi's blues (Cheney)
Tarantella (Colledge and Colledge)
Angel Blue (Vir)
Siberian galop (Wedgwood)
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