Violin Online Workshops

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Join us for an online workshop series exploring our new Violin syllabus.

Let our expert panel of instrumental specialists, Philippa Paige (Principal Consultant), Julie Hewison (Level 1), Caron Chan (Level 2), and Fintan Murphy (Level 3) each guide you through what's new in the 2022 Violin syllabus.

With a discussion of syllabus updates, demonstrations of new technical work and repertoire, and plenty of time for Q&A, you'll get a deeper understanding to support your teaching.


  • Technical Work with Philippa Paige – Sunday 20th February, 12pm AEDT Register here
  • Level 1 with Julie Hewison – Sunday 20th February, 2pm AEDT Register here
  • Level 2 with Caron Chan – Sunday 27th February, 12pm AEDT Register here
  • Level 3 with Fintan Murphy – Sunday 27th February, 2pm AEDT Register here

If you are able to, please bring along your AMEB resources (grade books, technical work books, and sight-reading books) to get the most out of these webinars.

Submit your questions

You are welcome to submit questions for our expert consultants here so they can answer them during the workshop.

You’ll also be able to ask questions live during the event.

Did you know?

This is the first complete revision of the Violin syllabus since 2011. The revision was conducted with the aims of:

  • reflecting current international best practice in violin pedagogy
  • offering a new selection of graded repertoire in the forthcoming Series 10 Grade books
  • updating the Manual Lists to incorporate new publications and works of the last decade, as well as removing any publications that have gone out of print
  • streamlining and improving the technical work in consultation with teachers across the country

To support the new syllabus, we are releasing a suite of publications and resources for violin including:

  • Violin Series 10 Grade books (Preliminary to Grade 7)
  • Technical work book
  • Sight-reading book
  • Recorded Accompaniments (Preliminary to Grade 3)
  • Handbooks (Downloadable and hardcopy editions)

The new syllabus and publications are now available via our online shop or your local music retailer.

Can't attend?

Watch the Violin Syllabus workshops on-demand via our YouTube channel a week after the event.

Join us for a series of online workshops exploring the new Violin Syllabus.
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