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Trumpet Series 2 Grades 5 & 6

Federal Office AMEB


In this workshop, Suzanne Wedding, consultant for the new Trumpet Series 2 Grades 5 & 6 publications, discuses the guiding principles behind the latest publications, including repertoire selection, musicality, performance, skill, and ability.


  • 00:09: Introduction
  • 03:49: Guiding principles for repertoire selection
  • 18:13: Grade 5 List A
  • 27:27: Grade 6 List A
  • 30:21: Grade 5 List B
  • 33:36: Grade 6 List B
  • 37:18: Grade 5 List C
  • 42:14: Grade 6 List C
  • 46:47: Orchestral Excerpts


Purchase the publications here.


Suzanne Wedding has a Bachelor of Arts in Education and her AmusA and LmusA on the trumpet. She is an accomplished trumpet and horn player and music educator with a long career teaching, currently lecturing in Trumpet at The Melbourne University Conservatorium of Music. Suzanne has a strong interest in pedagogy and repertoire, and an incredibly vast music library collected over decades. Suzanne is heavily involved with the Musical Society of Victoria, which offers student performance opportunities on all instruments. With a pedagogical approach of breath and air efficiency, sound embouchure set up and imparting enthusiasm for the music and practice needed to achieve technical prowess, Suzanne teaches with passion, enthusiasm and excitement, which proves infectious for her students.

Originally broadcast 12 February 2023.


Suzanne Wedding, Syllabus Consultant for Trumpet Series 2 Grades 5 & 6, discusses the new publications.
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