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How to achieve your Gold AMEB Award

The Gold AMEB Award is for performers who are confident in their abilities and want to push themselves further.

It challenges you to improve your performance mastery and amplify your community engagement.

We recommend that you are aged 14 or above before enrolling in the Gold AMEB Award.

Read on for more on the Gold AMEB Award Requirements – AMEB Qualification, Performances & Contribution Activities – and how Award supervisors help you succeed!

Gold Qualification

Please read the AMEB Award policy first for more details. 

As a Gold participant, you’re expected to achieve or have previously achieved a minimum of an AMEB Grade 7 (or above) exam.

AMEB Award Qualifications include Comprehensive and Repertoire, For Leisure, Rockschool, Speech & Drama, PAA, or CQ syllabuses.

If you have already passed a Grade 7 (or above) exam, that counts towards your Award. If you haven't taken the exam yet, you will have a maximum of 12 months from enrolling in the Award to complete it successfully.

Please check our Award Qualifications list for more information.

Gold Performances

Please read the AMEB Award policy first for more details. 

The Gold AMEB Award invites you to take your performance to the next level.

As a Gold participant, you must complete four public Performances within 12 months of enrolment. You can perform solo or in an ensemble with others, but each Performance must have at least five people in the audience

Performance examples

  • Music ensemble performances (choir, orchestra, band, chamber group etc.)
  • Solo instrumental or vocal performances
  • Eisteddfods, festivals, competitions
  • Musical Theatre productions
  • Dance concerts (solo or group)
  • Theatre performances (solo or group)
  • Debating
  • Speeches and poetry recitals.

At least one of these Performances must be in your nominated discipline. Your nominated discipline is the discipline (or instrument) you use for your AMEB Qualification. You're other two Performances can be undertaken in any other discipline (or instrument).

How does this work in practice?

For example, Pat plays the cello in their local youth orchestra. They are also the first cello in their school’s symphony orchestra, on the debating team, and doing their Gold AMEB Award.

  • Pat’s cello performance with their youth orchestra counts as their Performance in their nominated discipline.
  • Pat also performs as part of the school orchestra and competes in two debates to achieve their other Performance requirements.

Gold Contribution Activities

Please read the AMEB Award policy first for more details. 

Gold Contribution Activities aren't performances. They are your chance to showcase your valuable skills beyond playing an instrument, dancing, or acting. These behind-the-scenes contributions of time demonstrate your committed support to the performing arts community beyond just performing.

As a Gold participant, you must complete five Contribution Activities (including one Substantial Contribution Activity). These should total at least 24 hours of direct involvement (including a minimum of 8 hours for the Substantial Contribution Activity). We recommend you complete your Contribution Activities over a period of at least six months to show your ongoing commitment.

You’ll need to record your hours spent on each activity. An easy way to keep track of your minimum hour requirement is to download and fill in the Contribution Activity Log available through SCORE. Your supervisor may want to check this before approving your activity.

To qualify as a Contribution Activity, a task or activity must align with one of the core values of the AMEB Award:

  • Leadership 
  • Community 
  • Creativity 
  • Collaboration 
  • Entrepreneurship 
  • Assistance & Support

At least two of your Contribution Activities, including your Substantial Contribution Activity, must fall under the Leadership category.

Gold Contribution Activity examples

  • Advocate for performing arts education in your community by speaking at school committee meetings, boards or writing to your local MP or media organisation
  • Be in a leadership role or on the committee for a performing arts organisation/school department
  • Curate performing arts event series (e.g., dance classes, music performances, residencies, poetry nights, social arts events etc.)
  • Give a workshop or masterclass to beginner/intermediate performers in your discipline
  • Volunteer at your local performing arts/music organisation (e.g., community radio or at your community arts centre etc.)
  • Volunteer at festivals/concerts/performance spaces
  • Write a review of a performance or body of work (e.g., an album review, a movie review, a concert review, a review of a play, a review of an exhibition etc.)

Check out our Contribution Activities page for more examples.

How does this work in practice?

For example, Pat focuses on their local youth orchestra and debating team for their Contribution Activities by:

  • Fundraising for their youth orchestra by organising an auction where people and businesses donate items for bidding, and the proceeds from the auction go to the youth orchestra's travel expenses
  • Volunteering as stage manager and supervisor for junior youth orchestra performances,
  • Coaches and moderates for junior debating team,
  • Coordinates practice debates between multiple teams regularly

Gold Substantial Contribution Activity

Please read the AMEB Award policy first for more detail. 

As a Gold participant, you must complete one Substantial Contribution Activity (SCA), which should total at least 8 hours of direct involvement. We recommend that you complete your SCA over a period of at least six months to show your ongoing commitment to the performing arts community.

The Substantial Contribution Activity challenges Gold Award participants to go beyond their comfort zone to lead and make a significant impact. Substantial Contribution Activity might include planning and organising events, managing projects, building professional skills or collaborating with others. Through your Substantial Contribution Activity, you’ll develop skills in creative leadership while positively impacting the performing arts community.

It is important to note your Substantial Contribution Activity needs to be completed specifically for your AMEB Award. It cannot be part of an assignment or project that will be or has been assessed within your formal education. This includes any schooling, vocational training or tertiary education.

Substantial Contribution Activity examples

  • Plan and organise a community concert. This could involve finding a venue, booking performers, promoting the event, and selling tickets. It would be a great way to showcase the talent in your community and bring people together to enjoy the performing arts.
  • Manage a performing arts group. This could involve leading rehearsals, organising performances, and fundraising. It would be a great way to develop your leadership and management skills and to give back to your community.
  • Collaborate with other artists to create a new work. This could involve writing a new piece of music, choreographing a new dance, or directing a new play. It would be a great way to challenge yourself creatively and learn from other artists.

How does this work in practice?

For example, Pat focuses on 'advocacy' as a demonstration of creative leadership for their Substantial Contribution Activity by:

  • Lobbying their local council to include more free live music performance events on its annual events calendar. In doing so, Pat raises the profile and opportunities for their youth orchestra and increases public engagement with live music.

Check out the AMEB Award Substantial Contribution Guidelines and our Contribution Activities page for more detail and examples.

Gold AMEB Award Supervisors

Please read the AMEB Award policy first for more details. 

An AMEB Award supervisor is someone who teaches, works with or coaches you during your participation in the Gold AMEB Award.

Any responsible adult can be your Award supervisor, provided they can confirm you completed your Performances and/or Contribution Activities (including your Substantial Contribution Activity) as described. You can choose one person for every activity or different people for each - it's up to you!

Supervisors should read the AMEB Award Supervisor Guide before agreeing to this role.

Enrol now

Now that you understand the Gold AMEB Award program Requirements, are you ready to enrol?

You can access the AMEB Award anytime and anywhere by visiting SCORE, our online enrolment platform. If you are over 18, you can go directly to SCORE, while anyone under 18 will need an adult to be their enroller.

Don’t forget to read the AMEB Award policy for even more detail about the Award program.

For further queries, please don't hesitate to contact AMEB Federal Office. We're here to help!

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