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Online Trial for Instrumental and Vocal Practice Exams

Federal Office AMEB

At AMEB, we're always exploring new ways to learn and perform so we're trialing online platforms for video exams.

To do this, we're seeking participants across a mix of grades, instruments, and locations to undertake a dress-rehearsal of an online Comprehensive instrumental or vocal exam.

Aside from getting a practice run for your next Comprehensive exam, you'll also receive:

  • written feedback on your performance from an AMEB examiner
  • a $50 voucher for the AMEB shop

You can participate from anywhere, provided you have a space to perform and a computer with internet access.

By getting involved, you'll be helping us test which video platforms could be used for online instrumental and vocal exams in the future and help us understand how different factors impact the virtual experience.

As this is a research trial, places are limited and we're seeking Expressions of Interest at this stage.

There are a few T&Cs as well, especially if you are under 18, so please take the time to review these carefully.

Entries close Sunday, 20th March.

Terms and Conditions

1. This Platform Review is NOT an official exam. This is for practice purposes only.

2. Participants will receive a $50 voucher for the AMEB online shop, and a feedback report from the examiner within 14 days of the session's completion.

3. This Platform Review will simulate the testing of all components of a Comprehensive instrumental exam. Participants who are only prepared for other exam types (e.g. Repertoire, RockSchool, Speech and Drama, etc) should not apply. Only Preliminary to Grade 8 participants are requested at this time.

4. Participants will receive a feedback report from a qualified AMEB examiner, as they would from a real AMEB examination. This report will be completed to the best abilities of the examiner, however: the report may be incomplete should the session experience significant interruption to connectivity, or should the audio quality be deemed insufficient for examination purposes; and, importantly, the report will not include an overall grade (or suggested grade).

5. For accompanied instruments, participants may choose to undertake the session:

  • Using recorded accompaniments (Grades Preliminary to 3 only)
  • Without an accompanist
  • With an accompanist (though AMEB cannot provide compensation for any expense).

6. Participants may be asked to perform exam material (e.g. technical work, list pieces) more than once.

7. Expression of Interest is not a guarantee that the participant will be selected for participation.

8. Participants under 18 must have permission of a parent/guardian before participating in the session, and must have a responsible adult supervising them through the ineraction. AMEB will also have a staff member supervising the experience online.

9. The sessions will NOT be recorded.

Help us trial video exam platforms, and we'll help you prepare for your next AMEB comprehensive exam
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