New Piano for Leisure Syllabus in 2022

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A new syllabus for Piano for Leisure is coming in 2022.

The technical work for Piano for Leisure is changing, and that means the introduction of a new syllabus in 2022. All your favourite books and repertoire lists remain the same, but the new syllabus will share the same Technical work books that were introduced for Piano in 2018. AMEB surveyed a large group of piano teachers in 2020 and the vast majority requested this outcome – that Piano for Leisure and Piano share the same Technical work books.

A skilled set of studio teachers, AMEB examiners and pedagogues have assessed the Piano technical work and recommended a suitable subset of it for the new Piano for Leisure syllabus. So, just like now, the technical work requirements for Piano for Leisure will prepare candidates for the challenges of the repertoire, but will be less demanding than for those undertaking a Piano Comprehensive exam.

AMEB’s Piano Technical work Level 1 and 2 (2018) publications have been well received both in Australia and internationally, with the Hanoi Conservatorium adopting them for their piano students in some areas. Devised by a group of piano specialists led by Emeritus Professor David Lockett, they feature carefully crafted exercises that interrelate with traditional technical work such as scales and arpeggios, presenting a contemporary approach to piano study.

The old Piano for Leisure syllabus (last printed in the 2021 Manual of Syllabuses) will be examined concurrently with the new syllabus for two years and then, along with the 2008 Piano Technical work book, will be withdrawn at the end of 2023.

All the technical work requirements for the new Piano for Leisure syllabus are listed in the 2022 Manual of Syllabuses – available from our online shop and at all good music retailers from 29 November 2021.

AMEB will run an online workshop in early 2022 to take teachers through this technical work. Join our mailing list to receive information about this direct to your inbox.

Learn more about the new Piano for Leisure Syllabus launching in 2022.
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