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Morning Star and Evening Star Learning Resources

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Morning Star and Evening Star, written by Candace Kruger, Lann Levinge, and Isobella Kruger, is an original piece based on a Yugambeh lullaby first performed by the Online Orchestra in 2021.

We have developed a suite of free resources to bring indigenous content to your classroom -

1. Songline Resource Booklet

Your starting point is the Songline Resource Booklet which is jam-packed with information about the song, its history and how to sing the Aboriginal words. Download here.

2. Orchestral Parts and Scores

We have scores for Piano, Strings, Woodwind, Orchestral Brass, and a Full Score at both a beginner level and an intermediate level. There are also Ensemble scores for Brass Band, Percussion, and Saxophone Quartet (beginner and intermediate). View and download here.

3. Online Orchestra music video with lyrics

4. Audio Track

Listen to the Audio Track on Spotify here.

5. Click Track

Listen to the Click Track here.

6. Lead Sheet

This Lead Sheet contains the melody, lyrcis, and chords. Download here.

7. Yugambeh Pronounciation Guide

Listen to the Yugambeh Pronounciation Guide here.

8. Isobella Kruger on the artwork

Isobella Kruger, a Kobumerri and Ngugi woman from the Gold Coast (Yugambeh language) region, composed Morning Star and Evening Star with Candace Kruger and Lann Levinge and created the project artwork. In this video she discusses her vision for the art and process of creation.

9. Learning and discovering indigenous language through song

Candace Kruger, the director and founder of the Yugambeh Youth Choir, speaks about the power of song when learning a language and the curiosity sparked within children to learn more about the language of their region.

10. Youth leadership in the Yugambeh Youth Choir

Candace Kruger, the director and founder of the Yugambeh Youth Choir, speaks about the opportunity choir provides to foster youth leadership skills in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander singers.

Suggested Learning Plans

You can purchase Suggested Learning Plans aligning with the National Curriculum in the areas of Arts (Music, Dance, Drama, and Media) and English (Language and Literature) from our Shop. All profits from these purchases are returned to the Yugambeh community where the songline originated, via the Yugambeh Youth Aboriginal Corporation.


When working with this song material, we respectfully ask that you adhere to the following protocols:

  • Acknowledge the language and people of the land on which you gather.
  • Acknowledge the narrative, the song material, and inclusion of Yugambeh language from South-East Queensland.


We are thankful for the invaluable support of the Besen Family Foundation, Yugambeh Youth Aboriginal Corporation and Levinge Events, who enabled us to commission Morning Star and Evening Star and provide these resources.

Free learning resources to bring Indigenous content to the classroom.
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