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Introduction to the new Viola Syllabus

Federal Office AMEB

In this workshop AMEB Principal Consultant for Viola, Helen Tuckey, is joined by Consultants for viola, Janet Fernandes, Raquel Bastos, and Roger Benedict, to take you through the underlying principles of the new Viola Syllabus.

During this workshop, explore the latest updates to Manual Lists across all levels, how to prepare candidates for an exam using the new syllabus, an overview of the new AMEB Viola Technical work (2023).

All publications in the new AMEB Viola syllabus can be purchased here.

Resources mentioned by consultants

Helen Tuckey

- AMEB Viola Level 1 Exploring the Viola
- AMEB Viola Level 1 Guide to AMEB Viola Technical work (2023)
- AMEB Viola Level 2 Deep Dive
- AMEB Viola Level 2 Guide to AMEB Viola Technical work (2023)
- AMEB Viola Level 2 Book Resources

Janet Fernandes

- AMEB Viola Level 1 Recording links

Raquel Bastos

- AMEB Viola Level 2 Highlights

YouTube playlist

- Videos mentioned in the webinar.


Originally broadcast 25 February 2023.

AMEB Viola Consultants gives a detailed exploration and presentation of the new syllabus.
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