How Music Benefits the Brain

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We've brought together five videos on the positive impacts of music on the brain, childhood development and education.

The subject of music education presents a variety of entertaining arguments on the benefits of learning beyond the scope of acquiring a new skill. If you're looking for a reason to pick up an instrument and learn, look no further. These five videos presented by five world-class professionals — in the field of the arts, education, neuroscience, investigative journalism, physics and music — say it all when it comes to the question of why children and adults should learn to play today!


We've made things easier by listing the videos from shortest to most extended viewing times so you can go at your own pace - enjoy!


How Playing an Instrument Benefits your Brain - Anita Collins

Dr Anita Collins is an educator, researcher and writer in brain development and music learning. In this video lesson, animated by Sharon Colman Graha, Dr Collins explores how music animates the brain and improves our cognitive function.


Music in Education - Grace Carrasco

In this video, musician and high school student Grace Carrasco highlights several ways music can help teachers and students in the classroom. Grace Carrasco is a Classical Academy High School senior and a Palomar College student.


How Does Music Affect Your Brain? - Tech Effects WIRED

Journalist and Senior Editor at WIRED, Peter Rubin, investigates the impact of music on our moods and how it can transform pathways in our brains. Peter's channel Tech Effects explores how our brains and bodies react to technology and hobbies. Peter Rubin holds a Bachelor's degree in Political Science & Government from Williams College [USA] and a Master's degree in Journalism from Columbia University[USA].


Does Music Change a Child's Brain? - John Iversen

University of California San Diego neuroscientist and Professor Dr John Iversen uses his background in physics to study dynamic mechanisms of cognition and development. In this video, Dr Iversen explains his research exploring whether music training impacts children's brain development and other vital skills.


The Value of Music Education - Richard Gill

At the time of this video, Richard Gill (1941-2018) was the Music Director of the Victorian Opera Company since its inception in 2006. He had also worked as the Artistic Director of OzOpera, Artistic Director/Chief Conductor of the Canberra Symphony Orchestra and Adviser for the Musica Viva in Schools Program.

Richard Gill's many accolades include an Order of Australia Medal, the Bernard Heinze Award, an Honorary Doctorate from the Edith Cowan University of Western Australia, Hon. Doc. (ACU), and the Australia Council's prestigious Don Banks Award.

Article title and profile of a head with instruments replacing the brain.
Learning a musical instrument that goes beyond acquiring a new skill.
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