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Performing arts education has changed dramatically thanks to COVID-19. To make the transition to online teaching and learning easier, we have compiled a list of resources and opportunities that may help you, your students or colleagues.

Online Theory of Music Courses

The price of our online courses for Grades 1 to 3 Theory of Music has been lowered to make learning theory more affordable. A Grade 4 Theory of Music course is coming soon in 2021.

  • Grade 1 WAS $49.95 NOW $29.95
  • Grade 2 WAS $59.95 NOW $31.95
  • Grade 3 WAS $69.95 NOW $34.95
  • Grade 4 COMING SOON

These courses are delivered as a series of videos and PDFs and also give students access to practice questions on the same online platform that delivers our online theory exams. To get access to a course, simply register as an account holder, add the course to your cart, and proceed through the check-out.

Find out more about our online courses for Theory of Music.

Lylah enjoying her online theory course.

Video Exams in 2021

Check with your AMEB State Office to see what video exam options are available to you in 2021. Repertoire Video Exams are available for most instruments and are a fantastic option for those who meet the criteria. This means you can record your repertoire at home and send the video in to be marked by an AMEB examiner. Visit your AMEB State Office website for specific information regarding Video/Recorded exam options available to you.

Complete your music theory exam online

Our innovative SCORE system makes it easy to do your theory exam anytime, anywhere. Available for all grades of Theory of Music, Musicianship and Music Craft.

New improvements to the system include:

  • now browser-based - there's no need to download and install software anymore
  • improved supervisor verification
  • detailed examiner reports
  • account holders can check candidates' practice exams

Compilation of expert advice on online teaching

We have scoured the internet and come up with a collection of sites and suggestions that you may find useful. Read our collection of helpful online resources below.


Which platform to use for online lessons?

Tim Topham from has done lots of research and compiled some great advice from teachers already working in the online world. He also recently spoke to the Bulletproof Musician on a podcast about being an effective online music teacher. Thanks to Tim for letting us share these links:

Gillian and Paul of Piano Teaching Success have put together a series of videos about teaching online. Thank you to Gillian and Paul for sharing these resources:

This advice from the UK Musicians’ Union has some good thoughts about how to protect yourself when you set up an online professional presence. Read the article here.

Digital music solutions

Here are some useful apps for reading and sharing music (only purchased or free source music of course):

  • Replay - useful for any music but Rockschool teachers can purchase the Rockschool books through this app and use the many teaching tools like altering speed and pitch.
  • forscore - this app is used by lots of professional musicians when they perform and provides great viewing of music with lots of tools to annotate and organise music.


How do I set up for online lessons at home?

Our friends at the Sydney Vocal Academy have started teaching online and have provided their students with these tips to make sure they are set up correctly at home. Thank you to Lauren and Tim for permission to share this. See all their tips here.


How do online lessons work? has a good explanation of what occurs each in lessons between teacher and student and how this may be transferred to an online environment. Read the full article here.

Break the Isolation: A webinar series hosted by AMEB

Our Break the Isolation series aims to bring together our community, keep us connected and share creative ideas during this time. This series covers topics across music, speech, drama and performing arts. With the ending of lockdown, our webinar series has also come to a close. You can see all episodes of Break the Isolation here.

Our online shop remains open

All AMEB publications, practice papers, recorded accompaniments, and other recordings can be purchased from our online shop. Our books and physical resources will be shipped from our Melbourne warehouse and delivered to your door. All digital products are available to download instantly.

We're Here to Help You
A compilation of resources to help students, teachers or parents transition to online teaching and learning through COVID-19.
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