AMEB's Newest Theory of Music Online Course Arrives

Federal Office AMEB

AMEB Grade 5 Theory of Music Online Course has been created and developed by AMEB's expert team to help candidates prepare for the AMEB Grade 5 Theory exam.

“We're excited to announce that our Grade 5 Theory online course is now available! ”

— AMEB Theory Specialist Andrew Raiskums

Regarding the latest course, renowned AMEB Theory Specialist Andrew Raiskums states, "Closely following our Grade 5 Theory syllabus, the new course covers all content in a series of sixteen lessons, with accompanying videos and practice tests for each lesson.

Aspects such as harmony, for example, are presented in a series of shorter lessons that introduce new concepts in a gradual yet focused way. Lessons contain many work examples to demonstrate all new concepts.In the videos, examples are presented with audio and animations, and the interactive tests offer detailed and specific feedback."

“We hope you enjoy the new Grade 5 course!”

— AMEB Theory Specialist Andrew Raiskums

Available through the AMEB online portal SCORE, the AMEB Grade 5 Online Theory Course is the missing link and logical educational progression aligning with the expectation of advanced musical knowledge and harmonic theory.

For teachers and students anxious about achieving their next milestone, AMEB's Publishing, Theory and Technology Officer Alexander Garsden assures, "The AMEB team has worked hard to provide a comprehensive resource that addresses all components of the Grade 5 Theory of Music syllabus.

Supported by increased interactivity, expanded feedback, and a wide variety of musical examples using high-quality media, candidates will be provided with a highly accessible, step-by-step approach to familiarising themselves with all required skills for a Grade 5 Theory exam."

We're thrilled to continue the music education journey and provide the building blocks to advance into independent theory exploration, practice and analytical thinking.

Explore AMEB's Theory of Music Online Courses here.

AMEB Grade 5 Theory of Music Online Course
Preparing students for their next theory milestone, Grade 5.
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