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2023 Manual of Syllabuses

2023 Manual of Syllabuses

The 2023 AMEB Manual of Syllabuses is your complete guide for taking practical and written exams with Australia's leading music examination board in 2023. 

This detailed collection of music syllabuses outlines the requirements for taking exams at all Grade and Diploma levels, including the syllabus objectives, repertoire options and additional requirements. 

Revised in consultation with Australia's leading musicians and music educators. Compiled, edited and published by AMEB—Australia's leading music education and examining organisation. 


Covering all music instruments at all grade levels from Preliminary to Licentiate except Rockschool, Ensemble Performance and Accordion, the 2023 Manual of Syllabuses includes: 

- Repertoire lists of all graded pieces for each instrument from Preliminary to Licentiate.
- General requirements 
- Test requirements
- Exam regulations
- Complete syllabus requirements.  

New in 2023 

- Revised Flute syllabus to incorporate new Flute grade books, Preliminary to Grade 4.
- Revised Trumpet syllabus to incorporate new Trumpet grade books, Grades 5 and 6.
- Updated Oboe and Clarinet repertoire lists.

Pre-order your copy from AMEB online shop or your local music retailer.

2023 Manual of Syllabuses
2023 Manual of Syllabuses features and new things to expect in 2023.
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