Arriving in 2023: New Flute publications

Federal Office AMEB

We are thrilled for the arrival of AMEB Flute Series 4 Grades 5 & 6 publications.

We sat down with AMEB Consultant Jocelyn Fazzone, to discuss her key considerations when choosing repertoire for the latest grade book publications for AMEB Flute Series 4, Grade 5 & 6.

Guiding principles of the latest AMEB Flute Series

I wanted to continue with the process for Level 1 because I wanted that continuity between the grades. Level 2 keeps the momentum going, increasing the technical level and interpretational skill as the grades progress. The choice of tempo and interpretation is up to the performer, starting to get students into the learning process of putting their own interpretation into freer passages.

Once again, all repertoire pieces had to have educational merit, be musically worthy and enjoyable for students and teachers. There is a diversity of range, keys, time signatures and tempi - slow, medium, fast within each list with appropriate rhythmic elements, dynamics and articulations and the correct length for exams with playable piano parts.

Some pieces are more challenging than others for students ready to move on to the next level. For example, the Grade 6 repertoire includes gospel, requiring tone development and an extravert nature to express this piece, which is slightly over the top to normal. It’s an opportunity for students to learn contemporary techniques or add some of their own.

We're very fortunate and appreciative that we included five pieces in every list for every grade. That gives us a good selection and the opportunity for teachers to enhance the growth of their students.

AMEB Flute Series 4 grade books include renaissance, baroque, classical, romantic, modern, classical, freestyle swing, blues, Latin jazz, ragtime, and rock pieces, as well as some multicultural selections of folk music from parts of Asia, Eastern Europe and Great Britain.


Jocelyn Fazzone

Jocelyn Fazzone is a well-known Sydney-based flute teacher, performer, and pianist. Her musical career is busy and varied - she teaches at the Sydney Conservatorium High School and has a large private studio. She is the Woodwind Chief examiner (NSW), an AMEB Federal examiner and performs with the Windfall quintet. She enjoys combining her instrumental roles by working as an associate artist on piano with some of Sydney's leading flautists and accompanying her own students to give insight into the interpretation of repertoire. She is also a music editor, publisher and author of pedagogical flute works.

Woman holding flute composite an illustration of a singing finch.
AMEB Flute Consultant Jocelyn Fazzone takes us through the guiding principles of grade books 5 & 6.
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