2024 Revised Syllabus: Piano for Leisure

Federal Office AMEB

Works added to Certificate of Performance from 2024

The Piano for Leisure Certificate of Performance Manual List has been refreshed for 2024, with almost 60 new works added to the selection available for exams. This exciting update increases stylistic diversity and features music by more women and Australian composers, offering you and your students a wider range of expressive choices. 

Some works whose original editions are no longer in print, alternative editions have been added to ensure accessibility. A comprehensive list of these changes and all available pieces is detailed in the 2024 Manual of Syllabuses or the downloadable 2024 Piano for Leisure syllabus. 

Please note that starting in 2024, only the revised Piano for Leisure syllabus published in these sources will be valid for examinations.

Works added to Certificate of Performance from 2024. 
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