AMEB Award: Unveiling the power of Contribution Activities

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Contribution Activities, what are they?

Engaging in the performing arts community extends far beyond the confines of traditional exams. Our AMEB Award program recognises the expansive spectrum of work that contributes to the success of the performing arts. For those seeking a platform to go above and beyond, applying their skills and knowledge in diverse ways, our Awards program may be the perfect fit.

The AMEB Award program is a self-driven journey empowering participants to carve out unique pathways to success, acknowledging their contributions to the performing arts industry beyond the standard exam format. This structured program enables participants to explore the industry through real-life experiences, active participation, support, and applying their skills to enrich their community and networks.

Central to this exploration is the program's Contribution Activities—acts of service aligned with the values of the AMEB Award program: Leadership, Community, Creativity, Entrepreneurship, Collaboration, and Assistance and Support.

Turn up and do the work!

Whether participants choose to work independently, collaborate with fellow artists, or develop entrepreneurial skills, the possibilities for making a meaningful impact are limitless.

Here's a curated list of Contribution Activities examples to spark ideas:

- Accompany other performers in rehearsals, exams, or performances.
- Assist teachers/mentors during school performances.
- Create and manage a music club or group within one's community.
- Craft a performing art piece (choreograph, storyboard, screenwrite, direct, compose, etc.).
- Design artwork or media to promote events (posters, flyers, social media content, videos, etc.).
- Organise or timetable rehearsals.
- Lead an ensemble.
- MC at an event.
- Mentor or tutor others through peer mentorship.
- Page turn at a performance.
- Capture moments through photography at performing arts events.
- Speak at school assemblies, church services, or community events.
- Volunteer to enhance the well-being of others through performances (e.g., nursing homes, community events).
- Volunteer time behind the scenes (stage managing, lighting, sound monitoring, stagehand, etc.).
- Write scripts, poems, narrations, or speeches.
- Write program notes or review a performance.


Contribution Activities can unfold within a participant’s community, be it school, creative networks, local or cultural communities, churches, rehearsal studios, or sporting communities. Our program’s Contribution Activities requirement offers participants the incentive and opportunity to build or join a community in whatever form they see fit. For more details, check out each Award page.

Visit our Contribution Activity page or the AMEB Award homepage for a deeper dive into this transformative experience. Unleash your potential and help us shine a spotlight on the performing arts community!

What are Contribution Activities? Let us help you out!
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