AMEB Award Policy

Page last updated 21 December 2023.


  1. The policy applies to all enrolments in the AMEB Award from any participating state. It does not apply to enrolments in the WA AMEB Award program.
  2. Participants, Enrollers and Supervisors are expected to comply with all policies regarding the AMEB Award.
  3. The Enroller should ensure that all Participant details are correct at the time of enrolment. If any errors are found after the enrolment is made, the Enroller should promptly contact AMEB Ltd to request assistance in amending any errors that cannot be amended on SCORE.
  4. The Participant will undertake the three requirements of the AMEB Award (Qualification, Performances and Contribution Activities) following the guidelines and recommendations outlined on the Award website
  5. The Award is open to people of any age who can fulfil the requirements. Recommended minimum ages have been set for the Silver and Gold Awards to ensure Participants are able to undertake the activity requirements. The minimum recommended age for Silver Participants is 12. The minimum recommended age for Gold Participants is 14.
  6. The Participant must be enrolled by an adult 18 years of age or older. If the Participant is 18 years or older, they may enrol themself in their Award.
  7. Participants may enrol into any of the three Awards (Bronze, Silver or Gold) without completing the previous Award.
  8. Supervisors are required for each individual Performance and Contribution Activity (hereafter collectively referred to as “activities”) to approve or decline the activity. A Participant may have just one, or multiple Supervisors for their Award activities.
  9. The Enroller does not need to be a Supervisor, and vice versa. (For example, the Enroller may be a parent, and a Supervisor may be a teacher or community leader.)


  1. A Supervisor will be chosen and nominated by the Participant for each individual Performance and Contribution Activity. Supervisors will be required to approve or decline the activity after it has occurred.
  2. A Supervisor must be an adult of 18 years of age or older and will be a person who can accurately observe and corroborate the Participant’s participation in their chosen Performances and Contribution Activities.
  3. The same Supervisor can be allocated to multiple activities, or a different Supervisor can be allocated per activity.
  4. It is recommended that the Supervisor is not the Participant’s parent or carer, but this is allowable if no other suitable adult can be found for a particular activity.
  5. A Supervisor must be able to observe and monitor the Participant’s Performance or Contribution Activity that they have been assigned to. They will be asked to approve or decline the activity based on the requirements of the enrolled Award.
  6. Supervisors are encouraged to act as mentors to the Participants to inspire, motivate and assist the Participant to achieve the activity requirements.
  7. A Supervisor should not agree to supervise an Award activity if they are not able to observe, monitor or corroborate the Participant’s undertaking of the activity.
  8. If an allocated Supervisor is no longer available or cannot commit to undertaking the required tasks of a Supervisor, then a new Supervisor may be allocated to that activity instead.
  9. Supervisors should respond to any Performances or Contribution Activities of which they are notified in a timely manner, to ensure that the Participant has the opportunity to complete, and have approved, all Award requirements within the 12-month enrolment period.
  10. A Supervisor should decline an activity if any of the following have occurred:
      1. They believe the Participant has falsified details of the activity or their level of participation in the activity including the number of hours of participation.
      2. The Supervisor cannot ascertain the authenticity of the activity details.
      3. (Gold Award only): The Supervisor believes that the Substantial Contribution Activity does not meet the AMEB Award guidelines for Substantial Contribution Activities.

3—Period of enrolment

  1. To qualify for an AMEB Award, the Performances and Contribution Activities for the Award must be completed after enrolment and before the enrolment expiry date (12 months from enrolment date, plus any extensions purchased). An exception to this is the Qualification requirement which may be achieved prior to the date of enrolment (see 5.a.iv).
  2. The expiry date appears on the Enroller dashboard.
  3. A 30-day extension may be purchased by the Enroller via SCORE. Award enrolments may be extended as many times as required to complete and submit all requirements.


  1. A refund for an Award enrolment may be requested by the Enroller via SCORE up to 30 days after enrolment.
  2. The refund will be for 100% of the enrolment fee.
  3. After 30 days, no refunds are allowed. However, Enrollers may request a refund on behalf of their Participant in extenuating circumstances by contacting AMEB Ltd. A refund or partial refund may be granted at the discretion of AMEB Ltd.

5—Requirement Details

  1. Qualification
    1. Participants must pass an AMEB exam to qualify for an AMEB Award.
    2. The full list of available syllabuses is listed here.
    3. The grades listed are minimum grade requirements, therefore a Participant may have achieved a higher grade exam, but choose to undertake a lower level of the AMEB Award. For example, a Participant in the Bronze Award may use a Grade 5 Piano exam even though the Qualification requirement is Grade 3
    4. The Qualification (AMEB exam) may have been achieved prior to the enrolment date. There is no limit as to how many months or years prior to the enrolment date the Qualification was achieved.
    5. Evidence of the achieved AMEB exam must be provided in the form of a photo or scan of their AMEB certificate. Only a certificate (not an exam report) can be used to fulfil this requirement. If the certificate cannot be found, the Participant should contact their local AMEB office for a reprint or letter of confirmation that the full qualification was received (including theory components as required).
  2. Performances
    1. Participants must undertake the prescribed number of Performances for their enrolled Award (Bronze, Silver or Gold) to qualify for an AMEB Award.
    2. All Performances must be approved by the allocated Supervisor for that activity.
    3. Performances may be solo performances or as part of an ensemble of any size. A mixture of solo and ensemble performances is encouraged.
    4. All Performances must have an audience of at least 5 people.
    5. At least one of these Performances must be on the instrument (e.g. trumpet) or discipline (e.g. acting) that their Qualification was achieved in. This is called the ‘nominated discipline.’ Participants whose qualification is one of the following are exempt from the nominated discipline requirement: Theory of Music, Musicianship, Music Craft, Popular Music Theory, Music Production, Speech & Performance Theory, Podcasting, Vlogging.
    6. All Performances must be undertaken within the enrolment period. Performances that take place prior to enrolment cannot be accepted and should not be approved by the Supervisor.
  3. Contribution Activities
    1. Participants must undertake the prescribed number of Contribution Activities for their enrolled Award (Bronze, Silver or Gold) to qualify for an AMEB Award.
    2. Contribution Activities cannot be performances on your nominated discipline or any other instrument or discipline. The activities must be tasks that don’t require the playing of an instrument, dancing or acting.
    3. All Contribution Activities must be approved by the allocated Supervisor for that activity.
    4. A log of hours spent on each activity must be kept to ensure that the total required minimum hours are met (Bronze – 6 hours; Silver – 16 hours; Gold – 24 hours, including a minimum 8 hours on the Substantial Contribution). The ‘Contribution Activity Log’ provided to Participants through SCORE may be used to record the minutes and hours spent on each activity.
    5. Supervisors may ask to review the Participant’s log before approving an activity.
    6. It is recommended that all activities are undertaken over a period of at least 6 months.This is to ensure that their contributions will foster gradual personal development and add value to their community.
    7. For each Contribution Activity, Participants must indicate one or more categories that describe the type of contribution they are making to the performing arts. A list of the categories can be found here.
    8. Participants of the Gold Award must allocate at least two of their Contribution Activities, (including the Substantial Contribution) to the Leadership category.
    9. Participants of the Silver Award must allocate at least one of their Contribution Activities to the Leadership category.
    10. Participants of the Gold Award must allocate one (and no more than one) activity as their ‘Substantial Contribution’. The Substantial Contribution Activity must meet the following requirements as outlined in detail in the Substantial Contribution Guidelines.
        • Fit the Leadership Category (and as many other categories as suitable)
        • Minimum of 8 hours
        • Include an element of planning
        • Have a significant outcome for their performing arts community.
        • It cannot be part of an assignment or project that will be or has been assessed within the Participant’s formal education. This includes any schooling, vocational training or tertiary education
    11. Pre-approval of Substantial Contributions are welcomed and encouraged. Participants, Enrollers or Supervisor may email with a 100-word description of their Substantial Contribution for review by AMEB staff. Within a period of two weeks, approval will either be given by return email or a discussion may take place to refine the details of the proposed Substantial Contribution to bring it to the required standard.
    12. After completion of their Substantial Contribution, Gold Award Participants must submit a personal reflection on the work they undertook to complete their Substantial Contribution. This may be submitted as written text (suggested word count 250-500 words), an audio file or a video file of similar length.
    13. All Contribution Activities must be undertaken within the enrolment period. Contribution Activities that take place prior to enrolment cannot be accepted and should not be approved by the Supervisor.

6—Verification of Award submission

  1. Award submissions will be verified by AMEB before an Award is granted, under the supervision of the Head of Examining, AMEB Ltd.
  2. The verification process may include but will not be limited to:

    1. Checking the authenticity of the AMEB Qualification.
    2. Conferring with allocated Supervisors to verify that the Participant’s activities meet the AMEB Award requirements.
    3. For Gold Award submissions, a review of the Substantial Contribution to ensure all requirements have been met. A follow-up with the Participant (via the Enroller), and/or the Supervisor may take place to confirm details, hear more feedback and to speak personally with the Participant.
  3. AMEB will only verify an Award submission if all requirements have been fulfilled correctly and they are satisfied that the Award has been undertaken completed on the Participant's own merit.
  4. Awards will not be granted if:
    1. The submission does not meet the AMEB Award requirements outlined on the Award website.
    2. A Performance or Contribution Activity took place prior to the enrolment date
    3. The AMEB Qualification evidence is not authentic
    4. One or more of the Contribution Activities does not fit into any of the listed Contribution Activity categories
    5. The minimum number of hours for Contribution Activities has not been met. For Gold Participants – the Substantial Contribution does meet the requirements.
  5. Every effort will be made by AMEB Ltd to allow the Participant to correct any requirement breaches made in good faith to allow the Award to be granted.


  1. In the event that a Participant, Enroller or Supervisor breaches this Award Policy, they will be subject to a review by AMEB, the outcomes of which may include the Participant’s Award not being granted or rescinded.


  1. If an Award is not granted by AMEB, an appeal may be lodged by the Participant (if over 18) or Enroller, if they consider that there has been an error in procedure by AMEB Ltd in the verification process.
  2. The appeal must be submitted in writing by the Participant (if over 18) or Enroller, stating the grounds for the appeal.
  3. Appeals must be sent to the AMEB Federal Office at within 14 days of the notification that the Award has not been granted.
  4. The appeal will be considered by the Head of Examining, Federal Office, AMEB Ltd.
  5. If the appeal is upheld, outcomes are the awarding of the enrolled AMEB Award or, if for some reason this is not possible, a full refund of the Award fee.
  6. The finding of the Federal Office in the matter of the appeal is final, and no further appeal may be made.
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