Exam Overview

In the Grade 6 Acting exam, candidates will undertake a Practical Assessment and Knowledge & Understanding component. All requirements for this exam can be found in the PAA Acting syllabus available to download for free here.
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Exam requirements

Performances pieces

Candidates will perform scenes from a published play, screenplay, anthology of monologues/duologues/scenes, or a scene adapted from dialogue in a published novel. The candidate(s) should introduce their scenes, stating the title, author and character prior to the performance. A copy of the scenes must be submitted at the point of booking the exam, or as soon after as possible.

Knowledge and Understanding

The candidate(s) will prepare and present a response to questions based on the performed scenes.


Pre-exam checklist

  • Check the full requirements in your syllabus
  • Grab the resources you'll need
  • Get help from your teacher
  • Enrol in your exam
  • Time to practise!
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Ready to enrol

That’s great! Enrol in a Performance Arts Awards exam by contacting the AMEB Federal Office. See below for the relevant contact details.

What are the rules for AMEB exams?

Each type of AMEB exam has different requirements. So that we can uphold the rigorous standards for which our exams are regarded, we produce a syllabus for each type of AMEB exam on offer each year. These syllabuses cover all of the requirements for your exam. Explore syllabuses.

How much does an exam cost?

For all practical and written exam prices, contact your local AMEB State Office. Online exam prices are available in SCORE or on your state's AMEB Connect page (Victoria or NSW/ACT).

How long will my exam run for?

The length of your exam will depend on the syllabus and grade. See Regulation 13 in the Manual of Syllabuses for a list of exam times.

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