Australian Music Examinations Board
Australian Music Examinations Board


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Rockschool Examiner

We're seeking specialists in contemporary instrumental music to become examiners for our Rockschool exams. For more information about the role and to apply, please refer to the full position description here. 


Syllabus Consultants

As part of the syllabus review process, AMEB seeks a Consultant, Reviewer and persons to serve on the Advisory Committee for the respective syllabus subject. 

At this time there are no vacancies for Syllabus Consultants.



As part of the publication process, AMEB enlists skilled text and music proofreaders to review new AMEB publications. If you would like to be considered for a proofreading position, please email a CV and cover letter to


Syllabuses under review

AMEB syllabuses are regularly reviewed by specialists with a national profile in their instrument to reflect current pedagogical best practice. Check the Latest News for information on how to participate in our current and upcoming syllabus reviews. 


Syllabuses currently under review:

  • Harp syllabus
  • Brass syllabuses 
  • Violin syllabus


AMEB has a commitment to including compositions by Australian and regional composers in its publications and syllabuses. If you would like to submit compositions or publications for review by AMEB syllabus consultants for possible inclusion in an upcoming syllabus, please send a copy of the music along with your contact details and any relevant copyright information to:

AMEB Federal Office

Level 8, 21 Victoria Street

Melbourne VIC 3000

Telephone 1300 725 709


Materials received for a syllabus not currently under review will be stored in our music library until such time as the relevant syllabus is being reviewed. Handwritten scores are accepted. 


State Offices

For opportunities including becoming an examiner, please contact your local AMEB State Office.