1998 Singing Technical work

Technical work
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Contains all of the technical work required for AMEB Singing for Leisure examinations. For comprehensive singing examinations, the 2010 book is used.

SKU: 1203048139

ISBN/ISMN: 9790720116310

Publisher: AMEB

The Barley Break (Traditional)
Chanson Russe (Tchaikovsky)
When The Saints (Traditional)
Vom Himmel Hoch, da komm' ich her (Traditional)
Twilight Hymn (Brumby)
Frogs and Bilby (Ross)
Rain Time (Holley)
Mister Smooth (Bailey)
Skye Boat Song (Traditional)
Variations on Goe from my window (Anon)
Massa's in de Cold Cold Ground (Foster)
Minuet (Clarke)
Berceuse (Brumby)
The Doll's House (Dreyfus)
Brass Fun! (Gross)
A Little Hymn (Gross)
Brass in Three (Gross)
Little Swinger (Bailey)
Rocket Up (Bailey)
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