Violin Series 9 Grade Book - Preliminary
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Collection of graded repertoire for AMEB Violin exams. Carefully selected by top Australian Violin performers and pedagogues, the grade books feature a diversity of musical styles and often include works by celebrated Australian composers. Repertoire is carefully coordinated to align with the technical requirements at each grade level. Includes piano accompaniment.



Contents: Jesień w Pekinie (Obijalska and Wawruk) ♫ Only joking (Rose) ♫ Patrick's reel (Blackwell and Blackwell) ♫ Gliding along at the octopus ball (Cohen) ♫ Heat haze (Blackwell and Blackwell) ♫ Wiegenlied (Brahms arr. Rigney) ♫ Plesiosaurus (Lumsden and Wedgwood) ♫ Mister Crocodile (Teychenné) ♫ Mer hahn en neue Oberkeet (Bach arr. Hodgson) ♫ King William's march (Clarke arr. Hodgson) ♫ Back-scratcher (Huws Jones) ♫ First base (Chamberlain) + Performance Notes